a single mom living in technicolor...

I got married young…under-the-legal-age-to-consume-alcohol-young. I did not know who I was and I could not have been further from being a fully formed adult. Instead of exploring who I was, I did what I thought was expected of me. I finished my education. I grabbed a rung on the proverbial corporate ladder and began climbing. I had babies...3 babies. I gave baths, prepped lunches, made grocery lists and scheduled oil changes. Over and over and over again for 16 years. I liked my life but I was not in love with my life.

Then it happened. It needed to happen. It should have happened before we had kids, but we were both blindly committed to a concept we barely understood. We separated. Then, in an instant, we were on the divorce train.

I had no idea what to expect but my mind and body were buzzing. I had mixed feelings about the buzzing. What did it say about me as a person? How could I be...dare I say...excited about my impending divorce? Was I a monster? A complete savage?! And then it happened...life went from muted hues of black, white and grey to vibrant, bold color. Color that could literally be tasted. Every moment became an opportunity to meet a new part of myself. Every day was an opportunity to meet new people...interesting people, boring people, scary people...all living in color. I became a single mom living in technicolor.

At first, I thought it was a temporary phenomenon...something that would eventually fade. But then I realized that I could control the hues, brightness and saturation. I could pick the contrast. I could pick the shades. If I wanted to experience something that seemed beyond reach, I could simply create it. I wanted to spend time with my friends and make new friends each week while doing something fun…boom, The Bowling Stones were born. I wanted to get dressed up with my friends, drink, dance, and pretend like we’re teenagers again for a night…boom, Light the Night 21+ Prom. Next up...a weekend filled with music, fire and food trucks in southern Ohio. You get the idea. It’s about feeding a rainbow of vivid colors. It’s about never going back to a grey scale. Most importantly, it’s about encouraging as many people as humanly possible to join me. Join me!


Carrie RebelloComment